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We stock a range of wiping products for a variety of different environments, such as specialised H.A.C.C.P. wiping products for restaurants, highly absorbant disposable paper wipers for cleaning up spills, cotton wiping rags for industrial wiping and cleaning, and specialised low-lint, non-woven wipers for advanced wiping and cleaning.



   Surface Wiping

Wypall X50 Cloths
Non-woven, re-useable, for sanitising hard surfaces


Wypall X50 Cloth Roll
Large capacity non-woven roll for floor stand

Wypall X60 Bragbox and Roll
Non-woven wiping with added absorbancy

   Paper Wiper Rolls

Wypall L30 Wiper 2-Ply
Heavy-Duty Wiping

Twinsaver GP210
General Purpose Wiping

PillowySoft V160E
Light-Duty Wiping


   Wypall X-Series Hydroknit Wipers

Wypall X70 Cloths
Thick, low-lint cloths for use with solvents

Wypall X80 HACCP Pack
High absorbancy and reuseablility

Wypall X80 Steel Blue
Strong, thick cotton rag replacement


   THICK 'nTHIRSTY Cotton Wiping Rags

Quality Cotton Wiping Rags - Colour

Quality Cotton Wiping Rags - White

   Wiping Accessories & Ancillaries

SABS Surface Sanitiser

All Brite
SABS Multi-surface Degreasing Cleaner

Floor and Wall Stands for Wipers
For Paper or Hydroknit Rolls 


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